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Services - Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability insurance is intended to help support you if you’re sick or injured and cannot work. Sadly, what should be a straightforward process is anything but simple.

Long Term Disability covers a variety of illnesses.  While many people think that long term disability only covers injuries that happen on the job. While on the job injuries may be covered, more than 95% of long term disability claims are estimated to be non work-related.

Complex claim paperwork is the last priority on your agenda when you’re struggling with illness or injury.  While you may have a long term disability policy, you may also be unsure of what that policy covers, and what you need to do next. 

When you receive a denial letter from a long term disability carrier, to whom you’ve paid premiums for years, it can be frustrating and overwhelming, leaving you without a steady income.  Too often, legitimate claims are denied because insurance companies look for every possible legal and technical angle available, that will allow them to deny a valid claim. When an insurer does not live up to its end of the contract, it is called insurance bad faith. In addition to denial, other forms of insurance bad faith include:  Partial payments on disability claims, unreasonable denial, delay or policy termination, concealing benefits from policyholders, and misclassifying injuries to prompt claim denial. 

Thankfully, denials or low payments don't have to be the end of the claims process.  You most likely have rights and options.  Contact us for a FREE, no obligation, consultation today.

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